KyoungHwa Oh
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In the past water was the main subject matter for my work; then I added form and texture. Inspiration comes from forms such as the Pitcher plant, Turban squash, and Aristolochia. I add coral texture for detail. Anything that catches my attention in new environments adds to my work. All of these elements are combined into new forms and textures.
I use wheel throwing to make a form and alter it by adding to it, cutting it, and tapping it. Once a new form is created, I draw lines and hand carve the surface decoration. Organic, flowing lines and pooling glaze emphasize the movement of water. For surface detail, I repeat patterns to create a realistic texture. For example, poking the surface of a piece with one pin tool for hours creates a coral texture, which is left without glaze to keep the detail. This surface depicts the contrast between shiny and matt, smooth and rough--like Yin and Yang.